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Guide to Roof Shingles: Material types, costs, and benefits

Shingles are the most common and traditional roofing material, though there are many types. Whatever kind of roof you choose, we’ll make sure to install it with the greatest care and expertise so that replacing your roof is something you won’t have to think about again for a long time.

What Shingle Types Are There?

Shingles are one of the most common roofing material types. Shingled roofs are prevalent throughout the United States. Most traditional homes will have a shingled roof, while more modern-looking homes might rely on other types of materials to give them a certain style or look. Under the umbrella of “shingles,” there are a few different types, all of which offer their own benefits and drawbacks when used to cover your home’s roof.

Roof shingles offered in wide variety of color and material types

Asphalt shingles are what most people think of when they hear the word “shingle.” They’ve been the most popular kind of shingles, and they are still among the most commonly used. Most often, asphalt shingles are made of fiberglass and then coated with asphalt, giving them that classic look we all can recognize when looking at our roofs.

Another popular type is composition shingles, which are shingles made up of a variety of materials. Many things can go into composition shingles, from wood and asphalt to laminate. These type of shingles are also commonly found on roofs in the United States.

North Star Construction is your premier roofing resource. Our experts are on top of the latest and greatest of roofing materials and methods and we always aim to give you the best service with what tools and products are on the market. The next time your roof leaks or when you decide it’s finally time for a full-on replacement, let us help you determine the best roofing materials and methods for your home so you can get the most out of your roof for years to come.— Russ Oja, President, North Star Construction

What Are the Advantages of Asphalt and Composition Shingles?

Both asphalt and composition shingles remain popular materials for roofing due to the many advantages and benefits they bring along with them. We at North Star Construction are experts when it comes to repairing or replacing roofs made from asphalt or composition shingles. We understand the positives and negatives of each type, and we think it’s important for you to be aware of the pros and cons of what products we may use to complete roofing work on your home.

  • Cost: In general, shingles are the cheapest materials to use when you are installing or repairing a roof. Asphalt shingles in particular are a very low cost option. They’re the most affordable option. Composition shingles are relatively cheap as well, when compared to other roofing types, but they are more expensive upfront than asphalt shingles. Their value lies in their long life.
  • Easy installation: Shingles are the fastest and easiest way to repair your roof, or the quickest and cheapest way to get a whole new roof. They’re also prevalent on the market. North Star Construction is very familiar with the best methods and techniques for installing asphalt and composition shingles, so choosing them as your roofing material will ensure a well-crafted, sturdy roof that can be repaired and maintained just as simply down the road.
  • Variety of color & style options: When it comes to your home, you likely want it to look a certain way. When you choose asphalt or composition shingles, you can customize your roof’s look with colors that will match your chosen color scheme throughout your home’s exterior. This makes it easy to put a personal spin on your traditionally styled roof.
  • Damage prevention: Roofs are susceptible to algae growth, but asphalt shingles and composition shingles have qualities that help prevent that growth. Shingles are also relatively strong, so they can be walked on and worked out without further damaging them.

What Are the Disadvantages of Asphalt and Composition Shingles?

Like with everything else in life, while there are plenty of benefits to these types of shingles, there are also some drawbacks. North Star Construction is here for you to help make those tough decisions. No matter what roofing type and what kind of shingles you choose, we have the experience and expertise to make the most of what you’ve got and will make sure you get the best your money can buy.

  • Lifespan: Asphalt shingles are among the lowest lifespan offerings of roof materials. On average, they can last from 20-30 years. For some, this is long enough, as they aren’t planning to stay in the same house for longer than that. For others, however, the upfront inexpensiveness isn’t worth it. Composition shingles generally last a little longer than asphalt, due to the fact that they are made up of a combination of materials that give them a little more strength and heartiness.
  • Can’t withstand a lot of damage: The most common thing that can cause damage to asphalt and composition shingles is high wind. It’s possible for wind to separate the shingles from the surface of your roof, which damages the shingles themselves and warrants repairs and replacements. On an average day, though, your shingles will do just fine to protect your roof and your home from rain and wind.
  • Quicker deterioration: Shingles are susceptible to UV damage, water damage, and wind damage, all of which can cause the shingles themselves to deteriorate much quicker than other types of roofing materials. This will make your maintenance costs go up in order to accommodate their shorter lifespan.

Shingled Roof Repairs and Replacements

When you hire North Star Construction to work on your roof, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the finished product. Whether you choose asphalt or composition shingles or another roofing material entirely, you’re in good hands with our experts, whose number-one priority is to leave you with a roof that will keep doing its job for years to come.

No matter what kind of roof you have or want, we’ll hunt down the best products, brands, and values to make sure that your hard-earned money is being put to good use and will result in the kind of roof you can be proud of and rely on. Investing in a new roof is a big decision and a big commitment, and we’re going to take your job and your roof seriously.

North Star Construction is ready to work for you, whether you need repairs or replacements or a roof installation on a new construction. Let us guide you through the process of getting a new roof, one that will keep you and your family safe and dry for as long as you’re in your home.

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